Releasing My Stems and Creative Commons?

This week I’m releasing my first true original song. It’s called “Dare to Transform” and it’s epic in soundscape and length.

I understand that a lot of remix forums, Youtubers, and many other groups of people are constantly scouring the web for cool content, but usually end up dry. They want background music but don’t want to get sued or taken down, or maybe they just want to express themselves with a remix.

So I’m thinking:

1.) Should I release my orchestra stems?
2.) Should I release the MIDI file?
3.) Should I release the sheet music?

In my song posts it’ll probably say “iTunes Bandcamp Amazon Stems Other”.

Obviously, that means you’ll be able to download the song for free, but I’ll still make it available for purchase should anyone want to support me. To be fair, I feel strongly that even downloading my music for free and remixing it is supportive.

Does that work? Or is it a waste of effort?

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  2. actualbiologist answered: I find your commitment to giving other artists of all kinds freedom to learn from and use your work AWESOME. I will hurl money regardless.
  3. society-of-modern-idealists said: Sheet musicccc
  4. wordsmythologic answered: 1.) Yes 2.) YES 3.) YES!!!
  5. zeln0 answered: release the sheet music~! I seriously want to play some of the songs you’ve transcribed & having sheet music is SO much easier than by ear :D
  6. crocojim18 answered: DO IT. FULL SUPPORT. I’ll make an 8-bit cover if you do.
  7. ceramicsquid answered: yes yes yes i love your style and i want to be able to pressure my bro’s director to do something
  8. enya-kartoffelmos answered: I would love a MIDI file
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    Sounds like it could work bro! You could set up one of those donation things; and if I ever use one of your tracks for a...
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