luapin asked: I was wondering about your opinion on the importance of musical education. We are writing about it in school and I was hoping to use your opinion as an artist! If that's okay.

I think music education is important, but I just hate when it’s used as a political crutch or to leverage an argument.

I don’t think it’s the answer to the world’s problems, the key to bringing back the orchestra, or getting people interested in music. Just like I don’t think teaching my little cousins how to edit video is going to get them interested in attending movies.

Sewing is an awesome hobby, too, that allows brains to think, be creative, and grow. So if people are so loud about music education, then why aren’t they also loud about sewing in schools? Or fencing in schools? Or rock climbing in schools?

It’s not so linear, and you can’t just say “My hobby is better than yours, and we shouldn’t cut funding for my hobby.” A lot of this comes down to budget and majority rule - if a small town can answer the majority of students, then they should provide for their specific interests, education, and well being. Maybe schools in Canada have Hockey teams and other schools have music, or soccer.

I don’t care what they choose - whether it’s music or a DIY fashion class. I’m more passionate about it being something for the kid’s development. They need activities, to be social, and to be challenged with a tough (but fun) hobby. Piano is a popular choice for parents, and one I fully back because it’s amazing.

I will say that if I didn’t have music I most certainly have wound up in jail or not had much in my life. It’s always kept my brain active, and it always kept me smiling because I was so passionate about it. But I didn’t have music in high school, and I didn’t start a musical instrument until I was 16 years old. And I realize not everyone is going to be as passionate about music as me, just like I may not be as passionate about cooking as someone else is. So that’s why I feel the way I do about music funding, etc.

Music was my answer, but it’s not for everyone. And therefore I don’t agree with a lot of people who know nothing about music but then demand we need it. We don’t. You can’t force someone to love someone or something - it has to come from within.

Any other ?’s for your paper let me know.

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