Upset That I Can’t Say Hello

When I first started Tumblr, I had no followers and I enjoyed having the ability of writing back to you after a follow, comment, or “liking” a post. It was grassroots, and it was awesome.

However, in the past 2 months my dashboard notifications have been crazy. In fact, yesterday I blogged 4 times, 1 of which got 8,000 notes in 4 hours. Compound that with the other notes, and my dashboard has become useless because I can’t scroll through it, or select which post’s notes I want to follow.

I’m flattered, but overwhelmed. So feel free to message or email me - I answer almost all of them. I guess ForOrchestra is growing up, or maybe it’s just a flash in the pan?

Either way, although I probably won’t see your “notes” anymore, I’ll still try and skim through what I can because this is a tight community, and it’s fun to chat with you all. Maybe this calls for more live streaming so we can all hang out?!

I’m trying my best to keep up!

  1. liliths said: <3
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    This is why you are my fav tumblr blog, even though you have so many notes and everything just comes out of no where,...
  3. monochrome-melodi said: Yeah hanging out! :D -Ethras
  4. pockles said: Certainly no flash in the pan, Walt! Growing for good, and deservedly so!
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