The Double Check

Whenever I upload a song, within 10 minutes I’ll think of a better ending and scream “It would have sounded SO MUCH better if I thought of adding it sooner! Too late :(“

This double check has become standard in my music before I publish it. Now when I finish a song, instead of uploading it, I’ll go to bed and listen to it the next morning to double check it.

Every single time I think of something better - the difference is that now I’ve learned to relisten to a piece ove and over again BEFORE it’s too late.

This is also the case with SkyFall. It’s coming out 3 weeks late, and has seen setback after setback. Burned out, iTunes holiday store hours disallowing me to upload it, and lack of inspiration of new ideas to finish it.

Tonight as I was about to upload it I thought of another idea. And now I’m done the piece.

Something like this gets me upset because I can’t control it. I need to upload new music because I need to eat. I can’t afford to hold back new releases. Yet, at the same time I can’t release something I’m not passionate to stand behind and put my name on it for you all.

So without further ado, SkyFall is done. I’ve learned so much from this piece it was insane.

You will all see what I mean when you hear it. It took a lot out of me, but when assessing all that I grew from it, it also put a lot back into me.

  1. blueymcphluey said: This is the biggest thing I’ve learned with my photography. You get so wrapped up in it you need to step away, cleanse your palate and then come back. And it’s important to build that break time into your schedule (and in the mean time work on the ne
  2. flamesofatimelord said: And I now eagerly await the post when it goes up. I can’t imagine how it feels to think of that one thing that would have made it better after it was finally done. I’m sure it drives you as insane as you say but it happens, you can only move forward.
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