New Year’s Commitments

In my earlier post I discussed how I don’t have NYE resolutions. I don’t agree with calling them resolutions either, they’re better off being called commitments if anything. These aren’t things I am starting on January 1, but rather commitments that I plan to maintain. It’s either to keep promises that way because you’re not setting yourself up for pressure of disappointment.

So here are the things I hope to maintain in 2013:

1.) Stop biting my fingers
2.) Practice Piano daily (don’t skip a day. no excuses)
3.) Release weekly music
4.) Listen to other people more (talk less)
5.) Work out daily (almost there)
6.) Sleep better and on a schedule

There are other things I hope to do, but these are the main ones.

I hope you all have a fantastic New Years. And remember, if you have a goal, it’s never too late.

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