How Do You Receive My Posts So Fast?

I’m confused because within 1 minute of posting something I’ll have 10 notes… how is that possible?

Tumblr’s dashboard doesn’t auto populate. So are you constantly refreshing the page?

  1. fapje answered: Welcome to tumblr ;P
  2. averageamericangenius answered: yeah, pretty much.
  3. isitoctober212015yet answered: Yes.
  4. sapphirefiber answered: Yeah, pretty much. I follow so many blogs I get a dash notification about every three to five minutes on a busy day.
  5. rukislakeru answered: maybe is because of how much followers do you have. there are more probabilities for people to see your work at least that’s my theory
  6. alishashatogi answered: I too receive notifications when something has been posted. Then I go and click to the top of the dash. So yes. Really that fast.
  7. jjthatdude said: Yes… We reload tumblr every 1 min, tops
  8. niggolaithescienceguy answered: some people just have good timing on stuff
  9. messertod answered: Pretty much
  10. imadethisurlaslongasicould answered: Yes.
  11. 1980sspaceman answered: gypsy maggyks, mostly.
  12. browe answered: Yes “_”
  13. spazz981 answered: Just luck, I guess. Sometimes I’ll log on and your post is at the top, or I just happen to have refreshed the page and I see you’ve posted
  14. askspeedy answered: Some people got no life. Others, like myself, seem to stumble upon the message when they JUST decide to use Tumblr. Just a coincidence.
  15. ams2yes said: No. You’re probably just popular. :P
  16. gilmoure answered: It would be interesting to see the number of dashboard refreshes per second, tumblr wide, as well per our own blogs.
  17. bobbyphobia answered: I get the little notification that something new was posted in the title. “(1) Tumblr”
  18. catchandelier answered: yes. we are. don’t worry about it. also, you have a really large fandom.
  19. karkatscreamingalonewithkarkat said: Yes
  20. lilsoutherncuss answered: You do get the little red flag - so some people do refresh once they see it.
  21. darklordreasonable answered: YES.
  22. invisifool answered: yup. for people with busy dashboards it’s just a habit at this point
  23. loneliness91 answered: yes, yes we are
  24. tehblogofsophie answered: I refresh all the time
  25. kavaeric answered: Either refreshing is a common practice, or you have so many followers it just adds up.
  26. larkiethings answered: I feel like a lot of people are.
  27. spookyscandal said: I guess there’s such a constant stream of people logging on and refreshing at any given time, and the fact that you have loads of followers, it’s no surprise!
  28. lonino answered: i tend to have two tabs open. so if there is a new notification, i jump to it and refresh.
  29. flamesofatimelord said: Basically! :D
  30. bralin answered: I refresh when I get the notification.
  31. applepunch-rp answered: maybe we all like and reblog at the same time
  32. polygonaldetective answered: As soon as I see the notification I refresh
  33. findeco answered: Yes I am constantly refreshing the page.
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