Anonymous asked: First: Your name is awesome, it just sounds so like a composer's name should. Second: If I may say, you are quite attractive. Third: You have such amazing talent! All these combine to produce the question: Have you ever/ would you ever consider composing for movies? (Your name is perfect, composers are often never seen, but always happen to be really attractive, you are just as talented as any other composer out there)

Glad you like my name. Anyway…

Writing standalone music is nothing like film composing or game composing because they’re all a completely different set of skills. Like, John Mayer may struggle at writing a film score, and Hanz Zimmer may struggle at writing a pop hit.

For another example, it’s sort of like saying “Michael Jordan is a great basketball player”. While that’s true in general, it isn’t specific enough. He was a Shooting Guard, but may have made a horrible Small Forward.

I tried game composing, and one of the troubles I had with it is that it’s not linear like a film. Video game music is constantly changing in the background - having the character walk through a door, kill a zombie, or jump in a car can all “trigger” a new background song to play. So in essence, writing for video games is sort of like writing for 10 different films because there are so many variables that could happen to the character.

I wouldn’t be against re-exploring those two fields, but for right now I like the interaction that this community has. I also like the purpose of what ‘ForOrchestra’ stands for - to bring back the orchestra.

So some of the reasons I don’t write for other mediums is because 1.) I like this community too much to give it up 2.) I’m not talented enough for other mediums like film 3.) I’m not as insanely passionate about anything else right now.

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