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  1. kusanagimenagerie answered: Currently, I’m still learning how to animate using Flash and Anime Studio, but I’d be happy to do something when I get good enough.
  2. thesandhut answered: Im currently doing a course in animation, So defiantly! I can only do 2D at the moment though so if you’re looking for a 3D artist Im not it~
  3. abstract-echo answered: :D (BTW This is Carissa if you remember~) YES
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  5. stopwithoutafarmhousenear answered: I’ve made a couple of AMV’s in the past, but I just spliced together unedited footage to some music unfortunately. Good luck!
  6. askkneesockssan answered: I cannot, but out of curiosity, have you seen the ShouRinka version of “Bad Apple” played on traditional instruments? It’s gorgeous.
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    Are you implying you’re making a Touhou arrangement? BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE THE BEST THING EVERRRR
  8. kiraheartilly said: Good luck finding somebody
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