No Music This Week

iTunes (and many other stores) have announced to us musicians a complete shutdown this entire week until Saturday, November 25 due to their Thanksgiving Schedules

What that means is none of my newest music will go live until November 25 at the earliest, December at the latest. This will also be happening next month due to the Holidays.

None of this is in my control, but I’ll still be here hanging out!

So when the stores re-open you’ll get 3 songs crammed back-to-back because of the queue. Imagine an eargasm every other day for an entire week. That should be interesting.

  1. fantasmagoricallyawesomesawse said: I shall wait patiently for eargasm week.
  2. kineticpassion said: you should do a creative rearrangement/reinterpretation of holiday songs, maybe a medley. I did a punk-rock reinterpretation of silent night, for instance
  3. medi-dat said: Excited for this eargasm week :D
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