You Never Know Who’s Watching

Quite a few people message me and say “I only have 2 followers, how do I get more?”.

Here’s the thing: never downplay only having 2 followers because for all you know 1 could be Bill Gates and the other could be The President.

So the fact is, that once you get 1 follower, you officially have a community. Understand that you have no idea who is reading and watching what you do. So here’s a quick story:

Back in 2006 Martin Sargent approached me about being on Revision 3 (which was owned by Kevin Rose) to teach video music lessons. I couldn’t process it - these were 2 people that I literally grew up watching on TV every single day. I later thought to myself “if I knew they were watching me I would have had a panic attack”.

And now the same thing is happening again, where I get emails and messages of people who say “I’m [BLAH BLAH BLAH] and I want to let you know that I love what you’re doing with ForOrchestra. Music Education is important.” And I’m all like “I KNOW WHO YOU ARE! YOU NEED NO INTRODUCTION! I’M NOT WORTHY!”.

So the moral of this story is 1.) you have no idea who is watching 2.) it’s not about the size, but rather it’s about the tightness, passion, and purpose of the community.

Market share (and thereby community size) is a fool’s game and a rush to the bottom because it’s based on volume. They wouldn’t drive 100 miles in the rain to watch your movie, buy your book, or attend your show. They’re not invested. They’re a passive audience.

So rather, make a remarkable product, do it well, do it often, and no matter how big or small your community is, you have to let them know that you care and stay in touch with them constantly whether you have 1 follower or 1,000,000 followers.

I promise - the rest will fall into place.

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