A Response To Yesterday’s Negative Feedback

I need negative feedback because it makes me better (I’ll always be a student of the arts.) Also, it can be expected, which I pointed out yesterday (3rd paragraph from the bottom). But saying things like “this sucks” isn’t helpful because then I start asking myself “Well, what part sucks? I need to know.”

So let me answer constructive criticism from yesterdays arrangement one by one:

1.) captainpunish: The orchestration is so frenetic and all over the place that I find it difficult to listen to. Not that I want to discourage this sort of thing.

The original song is pretty frenetic, too - but that’s part of it’s character. As Kezinox put it: "it’s a song about a ruthless aquatic alien empress". So naturally, there is going to be some hard hitting badass-ness going on. If this empress came into your view, I’m pretty sure your mind would be frenetic, uncertain, and threatened.

I could have slowed the tempo, made it sound pretty, adventurous, legato, or passionate. I could have changed the instrumentation, song length, style, characteristic, or perhaps made it much simpler overall - but all those roads would have steered away from what I pictured in my head.

2) sirnucleose: This sounds like a mess to me.

I’ve battled with this because I think I go overboard a lot of times with how much I embellish things and layer melodies on top of each other. Specifically, with this arrangement I wanted it to sound dirty and messy as to bring out some of it’s character. I’ll work on making the instruments “easier to separate” and less overbloated in the future. I agree it’s possible to make an orchestration sound simple, while still getting the idea across and being well executed.

3.) konec0: It certainly could have done without the drum kit and the EDM feel… I was actually looking forward to seeing what interpretation ForOrchestra could have done with the song.

I agree a huge reinterpretation would have been fun to do, too. In fact, my arrangement of The Ramones “I Wanna Be Sedated” I think is more what you were asking for (of how far it is from the original.)

However, the 4-on-the-floor pulsating drums are what make the piece so dark and industrial. If I took that away then it would have completely changed it’s feel (which you’re saying is good). While I whole-heartedly agree, I’m left to wonder how many people would have noticed it was Fuchsia Ruler? How many would have sent me criticism saying I ruined the impact and meaning of the original?

Like when I arranged Guile’s Theme I made sure to keep the familiar characteristics, but completely mash it with Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. I even have a breakdown of everything I did to it.

I’m pretty confident in my abilities as an arranger - I’ve spent 15 hours a day for the past 10 years on mastering the craft which has touched on everything from jingle writing, mixing, jazz arrangements, heavy metal bands, and orchestra. I eventually found my voice, style, and passion which is what you hear now. The thing is this: if you asked 100 composers to redo that piece, you would get 100 different results. So it’s difficult to please everyone.

What you heard yesterday was the result of hours of thinking how to approach this piece. I changed the bassline, octave displacement, added a huge solo section, changed the melodies around, restructured the layout, substituted quite a few chords, and embellished a lot of the passages to play off of the character.

This criticism really helps me out a lot because maybe down the road I’ll reinterpret rather than orchestrate songs. I just expected that people prefer the latter as opposed to the former. But reinterpreting would be a ton of fun and the result would be pretty surprising and unexpected (which would bring it’s own negative feedback I’m sure). Is that something people want?

I don’t take anything personal, and feedback is welcomed. So if it’s good, bad, indifferent - let me know your thoughts!

  1. blueymcphluey said: I’ve actually often thought that the compositions I’ve listened to were a little crowded. It’s hard for me to listen to when every instrument is being thrown in at once with no clear standout melody. I feel mean saying this but if you want feedback?
  2. nbsuzuya said: Personally I liked the song, but I think in the future reinterpretations of songs would be very interesting to listen to.
  3. flamesofatimelord said: I think that hearing reinterpretations of the songs would be something you would be amazing at doing. I’m sure that coming from you it will definitely be something interesting and uniquely great. Try it out if you’re willing and we’ll see! :D
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    I recognize every one of those names as Homestuck music or fan-music composers. That’s really wierd.
  5. music-thestrongestformofmagic said: I actually love the fact that it’s frenetic and like like thousands of different instruments’ sounds exploding and colliding and mixing. I actually think this “mess” is what attracted me the most to your arrangements to be honest =D
  6. astromot said: I was actually listening to that when I got to this post. Heh. ..Anyway, it’s like any kind of art I guess. Sometimes you have to choose between what’s aesthetically nice and what works for the piece, what makes the intended.. statement.
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