Thoughts On Homestuck ‘Fuchsia Ruler’ By Kezinox (AKA Sinister Psyche)

This is a guest post by the original composer, Kezinox (AKA Sinister Psyche). There are links below where you can follow his work. I was so interested to hear his own thoughts about this piece (rather than mine) I asked him to shed some light about his music to you all:

When I started writing Fuchsia Ruler (which was originally named “Witc)(ing )(our" to make use of feferi’s/meenah’s quirk and also be a wicked name), I honestly had never attempted a song of that magnitude and complexity before. With a whopping 36 hours of project time spent on it alone it’s still the song I’ve spent the most time on of everything I’ve ever written. Part of the reason I put so much effort into it was that it was a bit of a homage to some of my favorite music to come out of Homestuck (and a self-indulgence to my patron trolls and favorite character hehe).

It’s no secret that Robert Blaker’s Tomb of the Ancestors was my favorite music to come out of Homestuck, and if you listen carefully you can hear leitmotifs from twoard2 the heaven2, 0_0, and wwretched wwaltz, spliced into the song at various points mostly during the breakdown. Radiation’s Black was also the first song I heard when reading the comic that just completely blew me away, and I’ve always had a special place in my heart for it so I included a leitmotif from it in the outro as well.

Of course, these inclusions aren’t just for the halibut (haha ain’t I hilarious?). Fuchsia Ruler follows the chronological story of its character’s life (The Condesce). Interactions with various characters I deemed appropriate to mention in the tracks’s story, made it into the song through recognizable melodies as a way of introducing these characters to the overarching theatrics of the story. I’m sure I’ve done a RDA style write-up of the story somewhere on the net, but if not and somebody’s interested feel free to inquire ‘cause it might be a little long for this.

I’m still amazed it was such a popular song among the fandom and that it was even immortalized in a flash in the actual comic—to think there were a couple times where I got so frustrated I almost quit making it. Anyway, I guess those opinions carried over, and I got a request from ForOrchestra’s Walt Ribeiro to do an orchestral cover of my crazy dark electro dance track. I was pretty stoked. He’s been great to work with all along the way and even asked that I do this write-up which I’m pretty thankful for. He’s sent me previews of the track, and I think you’ll all like it a lot. It’s pretty rad. 38D

~Psyche (

Be sure to check out the original song here (free download):
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