On Not Choosing The #2 Homestuck Winner

I’m getting a lot of dissapointment that I didn’t choose the #2 winner, which was Rex Duodecim Angelus. Here’s why I couldn’t choose it:

Each week I have 7 days to arrange a song for you. If I spend 3 days on waiting to hear back from the song’s composers, then that severely cuts into my deadline to arrange the song.

Looking at the copyright info of Rex Duodecim Angelus, it says by Malcolm Brown (features themes from the album ‘Alternia’ by Toby “Radiation” Fox and Horschestra by Alexander Rosetti.

So that’s 3 separate composers involved, which is the same problem I’m having with Cascade. Simply put: the more parties that are involved, the longer things take to get situated.

So Fuschia Ruler is the song that I’ve heard back from the composer, and since I’m on a tight deadline to please your Homestuck desires (and since I only have 7 days and can’t wait around forever), I decided it’s better to arrange Fuschia Ruler now, than to wait indefinitely for another song.

I’m considering perhaps maybe even doing a Homestuck-themed month: 1 arrangement per week. Is that something exciting you’d want?

But rest assured, you voted for Cascade, and that’s the winner fair and square. Feel free to message me, let me know your thoughts, if I’m doing a bad job (or a good job), or whatever. “For Orchestra” is my dream, and I’m glad you enjoy my work. I’m trying my best, and I need to hear your feedback so I can improve and keep making your favorite songs come alive :)

I hope to arrange Cascade tho soon, but it may be a few weeks until everything is in place and I can get started on that.

  1. jaegerleesi said: a Homestuck month sounds great! i love your compositions and Homestuck. i can’t wait to hear everything!! and the thing with Cascade is totally understandable, it’s huge. i’m really excited for Fuchsia Ruler!
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  5. nbsuzuya said: Yes! Homestuck month would be great! And I can completely understand about Cascade, that song is way too big to do in a week.
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  9. pbhead said: au contraire. I am sorry I was not specific as i should have been. I realized Rex had the same problems of cascade, which should have left the third option, S Jungle. The FPTP note was to suggest a second vote, allowing you time and fans second pick.
  10. puyopuyofever-remade said: I think a Homestuck-themed month would be ideal!
  11. lochnesie said: your work is really great and i look forward to every update you make. i’m a homestuck fan and am glad to hear you’re doing a song. two things that i like in one, homestuk and for orchestra. :)
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    “ Is that something exciting you’d want?” YES ABSOLUTELY
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