Fuschia Ruler Instead Of Cascade

As you know, I arrange a song every week for you. However, Cascade has so many variables and people involved that it will take much longer than a week (if ever) to get everything sorted out. I’ve never tried to coordinate a massive song like this before with a bunch of composers, and even I’ll admit it’s very confusing haha. I would hate to delay your weekly schedule, so I have a backup plan:

Kezinox is allowing me to arrange his “Fuschia Ruler” which is one of my favorite Homestuck songs, and it even ranked in our Homestuck Poll’s Top 5.

So expect that to be the first Homestuck piece. I’m still waiting to hear from a lot of other composers about Cascade, so you can hopefully expect that soon.

Sorry for the disappointment, but I’m trying my best to make you happy and give you the best orchestra music possible. I promise this piece is going to sound amazing.

Thanks to Kezinov for his interest. You can follow him on Tumblr, and his awesome music is on Soundcloud.

  1. citruswitch said: Whaaat, no, this isn’t a disappointment. Fuschia Ruler is awesome! I’m just ecstatic that you’re doing any Homestuck tune.
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  3. quiteupsidedown said: yessss I love Fuschia Ruler
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    happen. No hurt feelings...fan! I can’t wait...hear Fuschia...
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    factual data yo 3B)
  7. pbhead said: serious disappoint you’d pick a song tied for 6th place. And while first past the post voting systems are flawed, i don’t think that would have been the communities second choice.
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  9. suprsrsgamrgrill said: You should have done the next one highest on the list, like Sburban Jungle or something. I think that’s more iconic than Fuschia Ruler. :\
  10. walulgi said: it’s okay, we can wait! <3 especially if you can make it sound even better by taking a longer time on it!!
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    Oh man I can’t wait to hear the end result of this.
  12. a-drays-mind said: Don’t worry man, you can take as much time as you wish, this kind of larger songs need their time, and if we rush you it will end up failing, so yeah. We’ll wait, we know your doing your best ^^
  13. ragdoll-harpy said: I LOVE FUSCHIA RULER BETTER ANYWAY! :D
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  15. thelivingautomaton said: hey, no problem dude. doing the full version of cascade is obviously gonna be a really big (not to mention awesome) project. can’t wait to see what else you do!!!
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