axeonos asked: i think i asked you on twitter, but could you do an orchestrated version of Gravity Falls opening theme (Made Me Realize)?

I’ve gotten this request many times over the past few days. Apparently its a new show on Disney, and everyone loves it. Correct? The theme song is pretty cool because it’s in a harmonic minor key signature - which is just music-nerd talk for WOULD SOUND ASDFGHJKL: FOR ORCHESTRA!

  1. purplebloodedmajesty said: OH MY GOSH YES PLEASE DO IT WALT! :D
  2. srsizzness said: I LOVE that show~!! It’s really cute you should check it out, also I would be so happy if you did~!! ;DD
  3. zestyoranges said: I’d be begging for your babies if you made this. …I dont know how that’s supposed to persuade you to do it, but ITS THE TRUTH
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