Pinned Posts FAQ

I keep refreshing the page but the pin won’t go away. Any help?
To unpin the post, simply click on the actual pin. Or “drag” the pin off the post. Refreshing the page does nothing.

How often do you pin posts?
Once a week, only when a new song is posted. Some weeks (like this week) will have 2 pinned posts because the previous week didn’t have a song. This is due to the music stores (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) sometimes postponing my previous release, which “clashes” with my release the following week. It gets me upset, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

Why do you pin posts?
Lots of people kept telling me that since Tumblr’s dashboard is a waterfall, my newest song release would get lost in their dashboard. So the pinned post resolves that issue. This allows me to post the song any day or time and concentrate more on my music, and less on worrying about my community missing a new piece that I worked hard on for them.

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