The Living Tombstone ‘Discord’ Remix For Orchestra?

I got 2 requests from Kanaya Maryam Rainbowdrinker and Something Wwonderful.

Is The Living Tombstone’s ‘Discord’ Remix something you’d like to see arranged “For Orchestra”?

  1. utropstecknet answered: YES!!
  2. hazuking answered: YES
  3. alsconstellation answered: Yes,Yes, YesYesYesYesSiSiSiSiBBBB… oh dear, yeah.
  4. arabrax answered: Yes.
  5. rainbwdsh answered: YesYesYesYesYesYes Please make some Liv.Tombstone’s rimix by Orchestra :D
  6. measureyourlifeincandycorn answered: YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES
  7. eyecandyangel answered: yes
  8. someheartlesslady answered: yes
  9. perrydotto answered: Yes please.
  10. personofminorinterest answered: Yes. Yes. So much Yes.
  11. thegrimrider answered: Yessss.
  12. shota-dad answered: yes
  13. askhumandiscord answered: ((YES))
  14. singingshadows answered: just arrange the original by Eurobeatbrony
  15. enya-kartoffelmos said: Yes
  16. starkyblog answered: Yes. Yes. Yes. A million times yes.
  17. kitsuja answered: Yes!
  18. paramortality answered: Yes. Definitely yes.
  19. kobanya-kana answered: YESSSSSS.
  20. saliantsunbreeze said: Oh yes.
  21. ocentropy answered: YES, PLEASE.
  22. ask-thespaz answered: Yes.
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  25. phrenotobe answered: Bring it, yo.
  26. themightyfluffyone said: If you could do it I think it would be awsome, but I’m not sure how you’d do that
  27. thebattyhatter answered: YES YES YES
  28. 1ian5 answered: I would love you- I mean, I would love to hear this happen.
  29. theglittercrayon answered: please do
  30. heckaimik answered: If it’s all right with you, I’d like to see one. ^^’
  31. lugla answered: YES
  32. sugarcane-lane answered: yes
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