What Did You Think Of My Pinned Post?

As a community, we agreed to try it out on my Captain Planet piece yesterday for your convenience so you didn’t miss the weekly song on your dashboard.

I need your feedback - did you like it? Love it? Hate it? Not mind it? Was it glitchy? Perfect?

  1. stampstamp answered: I quite liked it :) It meant that it didn’t get buried on my dash.
  2. walulgi answered: I didn’t get a post pinned… D:
  3. purplebloodedmajesty answered: I was completely confused as to how it kept coming back after I had listened, realized it was pinned, and unpinned. Very effective!
  4. 09099876 answered: I didn’t really like it much, but then, I’m pretty meticulous about making sure I don’t miss any posts on my dash in the first place.
  5. dimir-charmer answered: I didn’t really like it
  6. miau5estrellas answered: It was great, even I don’t know so much about Captain Planet. I listened Final Fantasy and I love it so deep, great job!
  7. schoolnselfies answered: I thought it was great. It made it easier to play it again without having to trawl through my whole dash
  8. superjuniordonghae answered: I’ve never seen a pinned post before so I was curious & I clicked the pin and then the post disappear before I could read it! Still cool tho.
  9. cleardino answered: I really liked the convenience. Using it for the weekly songs will ensure that people don’t miss any.
  10. larkiethings answered: I think it was a great idea to get it noticed. It confused me until I figured out how to unpin it and I didn’t mind having at the the top
  11. hufflepuffwrites answered: it certainly worked because normally by the time I get on it’s buried so I have to come here. But instead I logged in and there it was!
  12. armsmasterleo answered: I liked it. :D
  13. flamesofatimelord answered: I had no issues with it.
  14. 1ian5 answered: I like this idea a lot. Great idea.
  15. anguspodgorny answered: It was very helpful, I was gone for the weekend and probably would have missed it
  16. kst3xh answered: dude, I freakin loved it! shame it’s no longer there
  17. princess-hakuryuu answered: I liked it.
  18. lonino answered: I liked it as w/o the pin I would have missed your piece. My sister and I tried singing to the song. we loved it! Thank you.
  19. hidingingod answered: Prefect. I got it this week.
  20. menagetr0ix answered: It was actually pretty cool to have it show up on my dashboard. I liked it :)
  21. misterrockett answered: I didn’t mind it. Perfect really.
  22. foxyknits answered: I liked having it up there so I could listen to when I came back to Tumblr!
  23. little-brittney answered: it was annoying till i realised I could unpin it.
  24. meinarch said: I didn’t mind it. :)
  25. 4hourfearlessleader answered: Not a fan of pinned posts at all. I have infinte scroll off, and it means it greats me at the start of every single page.
  26. trendieman answered: liked it!
  27. nerdwire said: Although some people might hate it. IDK. Not me though.
  28. nerdwire answered: I liked actually seeing it without scrolling. And it wasn’t any problem to unpin when I finished listening.
  29. kuhlau answered: It was a really good idea because I didn’t want to miss it and I’m sure your followers didn’t either! It worked fine.
  30. sapphirlight answered: It was fine. I actually forgot about it so I was confused as to why the psot keep staying at the top of my dashboard lol.
  31. novus-initium answered: Liked it! Could unpin it after listening to the song.
  32. inspectorlestracle answered: it was helpful :)
  33. courtneyyamisgirl answered: I liked it!!
  34. pyro-flavoured answered: I didn’t mind, chances are I would have missed it and had to go to your blog to find it. Feel free to use it again as far as I’m concerned :)
  35. paradoxy-intent answered: I was able to find your post much faster amongst all the other posts on my dash, and I was able to take the pin out after I heard it.
  36. melancholymuffin answered: Worked out just right for me. :D
  37. chiataur answered: I loved th song, but the pins just confuse me when I’m scrolling around my dashboard.
  38. letsleaveearth answered: it was great!
  39. the-last-recluse answered: it confused me! i kept thinking there was a problem with my internet cause the same post kept loading… but i got there in the end ;)
  40. because-jerri answered: I thought it was a brilliant idea, thank you!
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