Let’s Try Pinning My Music This Week?

I’ve been highlighting my music posts for you, but since Tumblr’s dashboard is a “waterfall” similar to Twitter’s news feed there’s only a 1 hour window until it’s buried into dashboard oblivion.

And every week people ask where my music is without realizing it’s already been released :(

So I’ll try to “pin” my music this week.

I don’t think it’ll be intrusive because it’s probably why you follow me.

So are you OK if I give it a shot?

  1. musicalmelody answered: I think its okay. You can always unpin a post from your dash if it bothers you.
  2. ohprimusthatlookspainful answered: I’m OK with this.
  3. lepetitjournaliste answered: Ab-so-lute-ly!
  4. lilsoutherncuss answered: I always check my dash - up to and including going back to the last post I remember. So it won’t really change my life. But go for it!
  5. lonino answered: pin away
  6. melanch0lic-gh0st answered: Sure! Go for it : )
  7. hidingingod answered: I would say yes.
  8. schoolnselfies answered: I think that’s a fantastic idea!
  9. quinkit answered: do it
  10. thistwit answered: I hate when people pin their posts -___-
  11. tada4ever answered: yep, makes my life easier.
  12. darkoverord answered: If it’s only one pin a week I have no problem with it really.
  13. douglasonabox answered: go ahead
  14. theasianman0330 said: Give it a go, see results, it may not be worth the money, good luck!
  15. amor-est-fidelis said: Go for it! :)
  16. kyronea answered: I am certainly okay with this. Your music is excellent and I wouldn’t want to accidentally miss it.
  17. killdiobrando answered: YES OH MY GOD THIS WOULD BE SO HELPFUL
  18. caterfree10 answered: DO EET
  19. nerdwire answered: Yeah!
  20. bamfinsomniac answered: Go for it
  21. flamesofatimelord answered: Go for it. :D
  22. partygengar answered: Go for it! I sure miss the releases more often than not
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