Why I Don’t Have Physical CD’s

In 2006 I released a physical CD that took me years to compose, and $15,000 to publish. Long story short, it fell on deaf ears, and I have had that financial and emotional memory for years now.

But I’ve matured a lot these past 6 years, though I make very little money arranging these pieces (in fact, I almost gave up on everything last June.)

My digital singles store or donations is all I can afford to do. I can’t even afford to make shirts, sheet music, or physical CD’s yet, though people want them (and I’m working on them). I just have to keep this going, because every month gets better and I know it’s going to work out. I just have to believe.

BTW I already tried Kickstarter long ago, and failed. But things are different this time around.

Together we’re going to change the world. And so this idea, your support, and our awesome community means the world to me, and I’m not giving up on it.

  1. lilsoutherncuss said: What venue gives you the better royalties? I know iTunes takes a cut of profits, but I don’t know how much, or how much compared to other music sites.
  2. musicalmelody said: you know…you can design shirts and stuff through zazzle.com (for free) and then get a cut of the profit if anyone buys them. I use zazzle for musicproblems.
  3. shuraiya said: These posts are so interesting. I hope you keep doing what you love!
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  5. zarggg said: This just proves that the recording industry is way behind the times. It should not cost an artist this much to release his music in a physical format.
  6. rnagus said: you’ll get there, man, just keep working it!
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