killdiobrando asked: How did you come up with the For Orchestra image, or logo, or whatever you'd like to call the picture that accompanies all of your songs and is the banner at the top of the page?

A few years ago I google imaged ‘conductor baton’ (or something like that) because I couldn’t think of a logo and got frustrated.

Serendipitously the way the images were laid out on this one page, there was a devil horn image on the left side and the conductor baton image was across the page somewhere on the right side.

And I screamed “Let’s put those two TOGETHER! That’s it!”

And the rest is history.

Note: the “devil horns” part of the image was photographed by Bridget Bibbens. Say hi to her, she’d love that. Amazing violinist, super funny, and a very talented photographer.

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