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    this guy inspires me
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  3. genevieveaileen answered: =[ wow… it’s a good way to look at them though. positive attitude!
  4. chainsawmascara answered: I have the same for poetry. Just got my work in a book (no pay, still worth it) surely you’ll make it yourself! You’ve got the gift.
  5. flickerfreaker answered: SERIOUSLY?? I thought your ideas are pure gold. Don’t give up!
  6. shuraiya answered: I’m sorry, guy. I got a pile of those recently, too. :(
  7. bottomofthekey answered: frame them.
  8. trendieman said: You should keep them all and line the walls of one of our rooms with them. Then the day that the acceptance letter arrives you can frame it and put it right in the middle of all the rejection letters. Never give up.
  9. miriamadventures answered: Don’t give up!
  10. pirouette-off-the-fucking-handle answered: Gosh you have such a positive outlook! I would be bawling.
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  12. sarahnavey answered: Rejection from what? Colleges? Orchestras? Are they kidding?
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  14. misswho answered: put them on the wall and put another poster saying”fuck it,their lose”next to it:D
  15. killdiobrando said: Don’t worry about rejection, you’ve got a buttload of tumblr love, bro!
  16. squishysound answered: Nah. You could always stick the in a folder and put the folder on your desk.
  17. decertatio answered: don’t let it tear you down. there’s always one out there to have you. persistence is only a fraction of what it takes. just keep applying
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