Merchandise coming soon. We’re the coolest community ever, so hopefully I can keep doing more stuff like this for you all!

I need feedback. You like?

  1. rogueteenager answered: The iPhone case is nice, but i think it needs more. o-o
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  3. geniphur answered: the iPhone decal/case looks super neat!
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  5. toddquinlan answered: These look great, but I think the t-shirt might be photoshopped.
  6. hamstergal answered: The black tee shirt is especially nice!
  7. weullghrem answered: These are amazing, if I had the iPhone I would get the case :)
  8. ziodyned answered: Classically trained t-shirt is too awesome.
  9. trendieman said: Like the shirt on the top left a lot, and the iphone case, shame it wont fit on my phone xD
  10. autumnhello answered: the first shirt graphic seems a bit low! Is that some kind of inside joke?
  11. eternalenya said: I really like the black shirt :D I would probably get that one!
  12. wantoup answered: I love the iPhone case, and the black t-shirt is adirable. The white one looks a little plain, but I love the message.
  13. resiviteten answered: I love the shirt, but I would love it even more if it said “for Orchestra” on it or something like that
  14. trendieman answered: yes, yes i do like.
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