Anonymous asked: Hey Walt, could you possibly change your blog settings so users on mobile devices can view your page easily?

I agree with Josh Clark and Daring Fireball on this one. I hate mobile websites.

The only reason I can think of to have a mobile website on a Music Tumblr page is to access the mobile HTML5 player (I’m not sure why Tumblr/Soundcloud favor the Flash player for desktop use).

But the mobile site fails to load my music page, contact page, or press page. Or is that not a big deal?

Question for you all: Should I allow the mobile site? Do you prefer it? Or should I keep it disabled?

  1. thecrystalfaith said: I use mobile devices often, might be a good idea to consider.
  2. theasianman0330 said: whats the harm in allowing it? :3
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