Is Highlighting Posts Stupid?

I know, I’ve been asking A LOT of questions. I have over 100 song arrangements from over the years, but it’s only my 2nd week here on tumblr - I like learning from you all!

If I decide to use highlighting my posts, I’ll only do it for the new music every Friday.

Is highlighting posts annoying? Does it clog up your dashboards? Does it even work?

  1. wheres-sophy answered: yes
  2. inexcess answered: It’s only a dollar, but like for your main post date is clearly stated, so your followers know when to come back to your blog anyways.
  3. the-bookworm-chronicles answered: It’s not annoying, it doesn’t clog the dash, and it does work, but it doesn’t change whether i look at the post and seems like wasted money
  4. elriicx answered: I personally don’t think you should bother. If people like your music, they’d follow you.
  5. superjuniordonghae answered: Yeah it works and it’s effective, but the only thing is, people laugh because you spent a dollar on nothing essentially. :<
  6. notebookdoodler answered: I don’t mind.I would prefer it actually.
  7. hajikelist answered: I wouldn’t waste money on it. I don’t really see the point
  8. wordsmythologic answered: Naw, it’s perfectly fine. In fact, I ask that you DO highlight them. I wouldn’t want to skip over them by accident.
  9. nerdwire answered: Yeah, it works. Doesn’t clog anything. Is it worth it? I don’t know. I’ve highlighted a few posts though. Looks good.
  10. veryimportantpenis answered: i don’t find it annoying, some may but i would be fine with it
  11. magicswordsman answered: I think it’s fine because very few people use it
  12. alexxiv answered: i don’t find it annoying but i usually look at the icons when I scroll through my dash so the highlighting doesn’t really do much for me
  13. shuraiya answered: It doesn’t bother me!
  14. theasianman0330 answered: It doesnt clog up my dash, no one else uses it. And the highlight does make sure I dont miss your awesome music posts, Worth paying for? idk
  15. seoulmama answered: I haven’t seen any so I can’t help you there :(
  16. handgrenadehandbasket answered: Ive never seen any of the people I follow use it
  17. rebby answered: yeah it kinda is dumb
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