Walt Ribeiro ‘Purple’s Chase’ [Original]


Back in 2006 I released a CD titled “I.I.”, which consisted of 12 pieces that weaved in and out of each other to create one complete symphony. I originally set off on the album after realizing orchestras wouldn’t play my music, and getting upset that they only performed works by the same 12 dead composers. I wanted to bring new music to the market – and “I.I” was my answer to that. It’s interesting to look back, so I’m re-publishing them in their original state – releasing one a day for the next 12 days. To hear and read about each piece click here.

When I wrote this album, I equated victory with the color ‘Purple’. For some reason I always felt like purple was the most powerful and wisest color – specifically a soft midnight purple. Although I’m not entirely sure, I’d imagine it stems from when I would play Final Fantasy for hours on end. The 2 most influential video games to me in my childhood – Final Fantasy III, and Final Fantasy VIII – I always remember because of their deep purple color on the CD. So the sense of battle and desire to achieve a goal and do good was always anchored to me as the color purple – and it always seemed like a chase worth fighting for.

This piece as the closing element of the CD, is about the chase or Purple, and punctuates a world where I was starting with a soft e=melody and simple life. Then as ‘Wounds’ came in and changed that direction, I fought it, was hurt, but slowly looked back in hindsight and of my failures and experiences, only to continue striving for that goal of mine – Purple.

This CD was actually meant to be written as the first half of a 2 CD album – but sales of the first were so poor that I could not finance the second CD.

So maybe that’s the real meaning behind this project of mine that I did in 2006. Maybe it was meant to end that way – without me being able to afford to publish another CD. If Purple is about victory after an intense struggle, then maybe ‘Purple’s Chase’ served it’s purpose – that behind every struggle is a lesson, and behind every lesson is a road down another untold and unknown journey.

I’ve grown so much since the release of this album, and it’s meditative and pretty awesome to see how much you’ve grown. My production is better, the website is better, distribution is more efficient, and my understanding of both orchestration as well as marketing is light years ahead of where I was years ago. The trick is to stay in the game long enough so you can get better every day, and that’s what I did. And that’s what I always taught.

‘I.I’ was that journey, and back in 2006 the road was certainly scary and dark, but that’s the way things usually are. Looking back, I realize that, sure, it’s never an easy road to travel, but life isn’t about the destination so much as it’s about the chase.

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