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Above is a screenshot from yesterday’s rehearsal. Today I thought about what I did wrong:

1.) I should have built the poles better (you can see one of them broke in the back)
2.) My choreography instructions were too vague
3.) The green boxing gloves clash with the greenscreen in the background. However, Little Mac’s boxing gloves are green in the videogame, so I may use a Blue Screen for chroma-keying.
4.) Rather than sending emails and video to the choreographer, I should have met up multiple times to make sure everything was pitch perfect way in advance before the dancers arrived.
5.) Camera height and lighting. I’m considering a budget-concious 3-point lighting system.

This project means a lot to me. I may put the group dance on hold because I learned a lot yesterday now that I’m looking at the tape. I came up with a few more ideas this afternoon which will solve a lot of issues for me.

Everyone’s encouragement to continue this project and not to give up has been a big help this morning. I think it’s worth a second chance - a “Round 2”, perhaps.

It’s Lonely When You’re Alone

I shot the dance video rehearsal today, and it wasn’t what I wanted. Not at all.

A lot of it is probably my fault - who knows? Maybe I wasn’t descriptive enough for the choreographer, or I should have micro-managed and picked the dancers myself, or hired a video team.

This project has occupied my mind the past 2 months because I was so excited. But I could just tell that some of the people didn’t feel like being there today

And that’s a horrible situation to be in. It’s horrible because then as lonely as this world has been for me lately - like when you can’t find a date, or your social circle’s only idea of fun is going to another crappy bar, or people laugh at your orchestra career - it’s actually 10x worse when you revisit how nobody “gets” you, or “gets” your ideas.

I’m just sick and tired when people aren’t passionate. Like when video director’s eyes don’t lighten up when I tell them my ideas or when dancers droop during rehearsal and keep checking the clock.

It’s Mike Tyson, and Orchestra, and Dance - and you’re being paid! What part of that is not, like, the best thing ever? Like, ever. Ever ever.

I wake up every day excited. I would do it for free, let alone for pay. Why is it so difficult to find people that breathe this stuff, or that understand me? It’s not about being surrounded by mediocrity, it’s about wanting to be surrounded by passion.

I just feel horrible. And lonely. And I’m taking a few days off from everything.

Here’s the video I’m shooting tomorrow for you.

Mike Tyson’s Punch Out For Orchestra:
- 2 pro dancers and 1 choreographer
- Little Mac vs. Don Flamenco
- I’ll be Super Mario the referee
- Visual Effects (stars, punches, etc.)
- Professionally filmed

It’s an idea that consumed me. Planning, hiring artists, finding studio space, building the boxing ring, brainstorming ideas, and making costumes.

This will kick off my Patreon page.

The stakes are high, because if this doesn’t work out then I go out of business. But if this works out, then I’ll be able to do another one for you, hire and pay more artists, and then hopefully another, and another.

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