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Here’s the video I’m shooting tomorrow for you.

Mike Tyson’s Punch Out For Orchestra:
- 2 pro dancers and 1 choreographer
- Little Mac vs. Don Flamenco
- I’ll be Super Mario the referee
- Visual Effects (stars, punches, etc.)
- Professionally filmed

It’s an idea that consumed me. Planning, hiring artists, finding studio space, building the boxing ring, brainstorming ideas, and making costumes.

This will kick off my Patreon page.

The stakes are high, because if this doesn’t work out then I go out of business. But if this works out, then I’ll be able to do another one for you, hire and pay more artists, and then hopefully another, and another.

I’m an Uncle!


I do what he does, just slower.

Everyone should check out this Reddit thread which highlights the inaccuracies of this guy’s photoshopped anatomy:

From user AnnaHollinrake:

Likely due to the people in charge wanting the focus to be on the face, they’ve made the upper torso twice as big as it should be. The legs are completely off and far too short, his butt is way higher than his crotch, and his torso is as long as his legs. Oops.

So he should really look like this on the right.

If people are going to discuss unrealistic expectations of women, then imagine how it feels to be a guy and realize I’ll never be able to get my crotch below my butt. Ever.

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