June 2004: Mechanical Engineer then Jazz Guitarist. My hand injury led to Music Composition.

October 2007: Released my CD ‘I.I’ and went $15,000 in debt.

December 2007: Learned how the internet worked. Taught music online. Began paying off debt.

October 2008: My community raised money for over 900 students to receive music supplies.

March 2009: Joined Weird Al Yankovic, YT Cracker, and Jonathan Coulton collaborating on MC Lars’ CD ‘This Gigantic Robot Kills’.

May 2009: Started ForOrchestra to combine my two passions: The Orchestra and Pop Music. I’m deaf in my right ear - so learning more each week with my community’s help.

April 2012: I have over 180 orchestra releases and have been featured on Perez Hilton, Wall Street Journal, Tosh.O, CBS, and more.

I love speaking.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked at The Independent Music Awards, UstreamTV, The Kimmel Center, and Revision3.

I have the coolest community. Ever.


Header Photography is by Bridgid Bibbens
Orchestrations, Mixing, and Mastering by Walt Ribeiro of Graywave LLC

Disclaimer: All music on this site is legally compulsory mechanically licensed. Any questions please contact me and I will gladly be in touch.


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