slimysomething asked: You've improved a bunch in the last year or so, give or take. The orchestra seems more expressive and the mixing sounds less muddy.

Thanks! I agree.


Anonymous asked: Is "Bleeding Gingers" available for download/purchase?

Bleeding Gingers" was a contest piece I wrote using Hans Zimmer’s music. Since I use his samples, as part of the contest rules, then I don’t own the song. Which means I can’t sell it.

But also, as per the contest rules, they own the song forever. Not that I care, I knew they would. I just did it because I wanted to study Hans’ music and stems.


Anonymous asked: Can your arrangements be licensed for usage in videos?

Only my originals. Sorry.


Anonymous asked: Just because some statistic or 2 is not to your liking, does not mean you get to force the individuals which make up those statistics to change what they are doing to make your numbers more even. Either, for whatever reason, women don't want to be composers, and it is not your problem, or you believe there is some massive conspiracy that is keeping specifically them out of composing. Which would be your problem. And did you think this though? You're broke and you want more competitors? really?

In reference to this:

Well, why does everything have to be a competition?

If you’re going to go with that ‘competition’ argument, then what’s the point of teachers? Because in due time, some of those students are eventually going to become their “competition”.

But the idea that there needs to be more women composers is true. And there also needs to be more female conductors. But when you get someone saying “there are not more female conductors because a woman on a podium gets the player thinking about other things" then that is one of the roots of the problem.

The answer is there needs to be more women composers, and there needs to be a positive and inviting community around the idea. The answer is that there at least needs to be an equal opportunity. The answer is that right now I’m frustrated with the classical music world in almost every aspect of it’s presence.

My friend wrote this and I love it.

My friend wrote this and I love it.

Why I’ve Been Depressed And Quiet

I could do an epic orchestra cover of Taylor Swift “Shake It Off” and make good money by riding the S.E.O. train - as outlined in my “Cover Sales vs. Original sales" blog post. But after the wave crashes then all I’m left with is a few dollars and a memory. I can never sell that sheet music, remix it again, release stems, or claim it as my own. I never went to school to be a cover artist.

Back in 2007 I had one of the biggest Youtube channels in the world at 25,000 subscribers. 25,000 subscribers was unheard of back then, crazy - right? But I wasn’t happy because after 400 music lesson episodes I didn’t want to be a guitar instructor - my passion was always with the orchestra.

So I pivoted and started ‘ForOrchestra’ by releasing a few originals but on week 5 I released my 2nd cover song: Lady Gaga ‘Poker Face’. It went viral and was even featured on Perez Hilton, so it hit me - only do covers!

Fast forward to 2014 and my income has dwindled, mainly because I can’t do anything with my arrangements. Sure, I can sell them on iTunes for a $0.50 on each $1 sale but how is that happiness? How is that even remotely what I ever wanted 6 years ago?

It’s not. It’s not what I want. And it’s not what you deserve. I want to have the freedom to sell you sheet music so tomorrow’s children can learn violin, release the stems, have Spotify listening parties, grow the orchestra’s live performances, do music giveaways, and so much more with you.

But I can’t. I’m a prisoner at the hands of the publishers. But it’s not their fault because I dug my own grave knowing which copyrights I had to follow before each song release.

I even wanted to do a treasure hunt recently - where I split a song into 10 pieces and hid each one on a different corner of the internet. Then YOU would have to find them and combine the music.

Basically, virtually anything else other than what I’m doing right now is exactly what I want to do going forward.

So I think ForOrchestra has to change, and fast. It was fine when I had a few dozen songs, but now that I’m at 200 it seems that every week I face the same story and imprisonment of working with other people’s property. Cease and desist letters, royalties, DMCA counter claims, and worse of all: a creative exodus to do what I want with my music.  

The past 6 months haven’t been good. I was creatively empty and going down a road that I didn’t want to go down. When I get older I don’t want to be a 50 year old cover artist. I have 5 cover songs that I’m uploading this week, and then after that I’m done with it.

I have so many original songs that are 10x better than any cover song I’ve written. the issue is that my covers sell 10x as much as my originals. But I’m just going to do it - spearhead it.

TL;DR: All originals from here on out.

Conductor disappointed by his horn players

I’m hanging out with Kurt Hugo Schneider at YouTube. Nice guy!

Sorry for being M.I.A. - still settling into Los Angeles!

I’m hanging out with Kurt Hugo Schneider at YouTube. Nice guy!

Sorry for being M.I.A. - still settling into Los Angeles!