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Appreciating Independent Movies And Artisans

When I needed dancers I thought it was as easy as saying “just dance”. Nope, it’s really tough. I thought building the boxing ring was as easy as telling the hardware store “I need 4 poles and some rope”. Nope, there’s so much more to it. When I needed a camera I said “just something that shoots video”. Nope, that took a week of research and phone calls to study about different lighting sensors, features, framerates, and price point.

It’s been 3 weeks and I’m still working on this Mike Tyson’s Punch Out For Orchestra. I had to build a boxing ring, hire dancers, hire a choreographer, get a camcorder, green screen, 3-point lighting, hire a visual designer, write the script, and of course arrange the song.

All for a 2 minute 30 second video.

I understand that this gets easier over time - mostly in that talent will obviously trust you and see your vision better once they see the actual product. But the whole thing is exhausting (albeit very educational). I need a team, but right now I need to do this by myself because it’s hard to get people on-board

I’m coming down the homestretch. The ring is done, the camcorder is chosen, the script is written, the studio space booked, the song completed, and choreo almost finished. I hope this works out, not for me, but for everyone else. I want this video to be great, fun, grow the orchestra, introduce you to inter-collaborated arts, entertain the ForOrchestra Army, and so much more.

I’ve come to really appreciate shoestring budgets, independent movies, builders, script writers, and everything so much more now. No one said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it.

And they’re right on both counts.

How to beat 2048

Boxing ring is done. Now to film the dancers. Turning out pretty good!

blackredandwhite asked:

I am extremely interested in purchasing sheet music for the orchestral arrangement of Brodyquest. I am wondering if this would have to be done through you or Neil Ciciereiga?

If Neil is cool with it then so am I. He’s the composer, I’m just the arranger. On my FAQ I say I can’t sell sheet music simply because major label publishers aren’t as approachable as independent musicians.

I also have more fun arranging independent music because

1.) they’re easier to work with

2.) are more appreciative of royalties

3.) they write better music.

Neil’s contact info is on his site.

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